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20 Ways to Communicate Better at Work [Infographic]

Every once in while we find ourselves at a crossroads in having to talk to our colleagues, team members, clients, managers, or C-suite executives about things that may not be very comfortable - perhaps work performance issues, technical problems that will cause significant schedule delays or lacking sales. This wonderful infographic from Net Credit offers sage methods to help you prepare; giving reminders to be mindful of your breathing, making eye contact, watching your body language, and, my favorite, listening hard.


The Secret Circle, A Team Building Activity

This team building exercise is focused on expression and reflection.  Seat your team in a circle; everyone should be facing outward.  There should be one facilitator who asks the questions in a series of rounds, who can also be a participant.

Depending on the size of your group, select a number of people that will enter the circle for each round. Everyone sitting should have their eyes closed for as long as they are seated; each chosen participant enters the middle of the circle. Questions, like the ones listed below, are asked and each person in the circle must go around touching the shoulder of as many team members they associate the questions with.

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