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5 Must-Know Trends for Brands [Infographic]

Deep into the 2016 holiday season, we have seen #BlackFriday turn into #BlackNovember, and although we are winding up #GivingTuesday, somehow, #CyberMonday deals have been inundating our email boxes all day.  MDG Advertising designed the following informative Infographic, Holiday Marketing 2016: 5 Must-Know Trends for Brands, to further shed light on how you can continue consumer engagement through this busy shopping time of year.  These trends are a culmination of results from surveys of the past two holiday shopping seasons and can help you and your organization as you leverage and maximize advertising and marketing efforts this season.

In summary, these 5 must-know trends are:


45 Epic Strategies for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

No matter how many times we hear that emails and email marketing is going away, it hasn’t and, for the foreseeable future, it won’t. Why? Because it works! Yes, social media has its place, however, studies have shown that nearly 50% of consumers who wish to receive notifications still prefer to receive those marketing messages, coupons and offers via brands via good ole email.

We have curated over 45 epic strategies to help you improve your email campaigns and marketing emails to get more opens, click-throughs and conversions.


3 Great Email Segmentation Ideas

If you deliver content or services to different categories of businesses or sell products to a diverse customer base, you need to know two things:

  • Email marketing is still the best way to get your marketing message to these customers
  • Targeted messages are the best way to connect with, and motivate, your subscribers to action

To do this effectively, use email segmentation.

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