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20 Ways to Communicate Better at Work [Infographic]

Every once in while we find ourselves at a crossroads in having to talk to our colleagues, team members, clients, managers, or C-suite executives about things that may not be very comfortable - perhaps work performance issues, technical problems that will cause significant schedule delays or lacking sales. This wonderful infographic from Net Credit offers sage methods to help you prepare; giving reminders to be mindful of your breathing, making eye contact, watching your body language, and, my favorite, listening hard.


12 Undeniable Facts of Why Your Website Should be Responsive (Infographic)

By now, you must know that mobile Internet usage has surpassed that of desktop access.  Right?  You do know that?  If you are still straddling the fence on if you should update your Web design to be responsive to tablets, smartphones and other new mobile devices yet to be imagined(!), our team compiled 12 undeniable facts you need to consider to understand that having a mobile website is no longer simply a nice feature; it is a necessity that will literally impact the growth of your business.


4 Signs Business Growth Is Upon You

SBC wants you to recognize the signs of knowing when business growth is upon you.  Entrepreneurs who have the foresight to identify these signs can begin putting a growth strategy into place for continuing, and increasing, revenues.

How do you know when you are on the brink of business growth?  You have successfully launched the business and have been operating full steam ahead for a few years now. You have spent the past few years mastering the art of networking, establishing a good presence in the marketplace for your products and/or services, and have created a pretty decent customer base.

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