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3 Tips to Enhance the Experience of Attaining Goals

We are halfway through our business detox (#businessdetox)! In order to fully reap the benefits of a healthy (business) lifestyle, it is important to "exercise."  Since we discussed goals and working towards perfecting productive paths to achieve our goals over the past three weeks (Week 1 - Win Back Your Workspace with 6 Easy Tips, Week 2 – What's Your Business' VMVGI? and Week 3 - Finding Your Business' Function) this week we will discuss tips that need to be implemented throughout the process of attaining your company's goals.  Celebrating is like exercise for your detox because it supplements the work you're doing in order to enhance the results of your detox.

Remember these three steps of before, during, and after to enhance the experience of achieving goals in your business!  Fast forward a bit to a point in time where a goal has been achieved, or a great difficulty has been overcome...

Three tips to implement to enhance achievement of goals.

1) Business Yoga:  Take your time and be tactical.

Goal Parties: This is a good tactic to use before attempting any goal especially if there is a mandated goal to meet or a task force is assigned to achieve a goal. Goal parties should last for a minimum of 1 hour during which the task at hand should be highlighted again. This goal party should also serve as a "meet and greet" for all of the team members (Even if the team is not a task force, it is recommended to ensure all members are on the same page). This time can also be used to throw in a team building exercise of choice. Goal parties allow teams to gather in a social setting and launch the goal together. Involving everyone and giving the last 411 session can help increase the team’s excitement level. 

2) Business Martial Arts: Being aware of every move.

The little things matter:  A very small gesture can have a very large impact. Employee appreciation is proven to be a very large factor in employee efficiency. When something is accomplished, it is critical to give recognition to the employee(s) who took part in the effort. More importantly, as a leader you must not overlook the little successes. The succession of little successes is what leads us to achieving our goals. Recognizing those little successes is a big part of a leader's job because it is correlated with employee motivation, which we will discuss in depth next week.

3) Business Aerobics: Consistently improving efficiency.

Concluding our completion:  The lifespan of a goal does not end right after the goal has been achieved; a quick exercise after completion can help enhance best practices. When "exercising," just like athletes who try to improve their time or increase their number of reps, our business detoxers must improve their business habits. Gathering everyone for a completion party where final recognition is shown and, if possible, all individual efforts are highlighted, is a good way to conclude the goal.  During this gathering, the team should conduct a "plus/delta."  I learned about this exercise a couple years ago while serving in a local management association and have found it to be very useful.  After each event the association held, we would get together and enumerate all of the positives and what went well.  Then we would list all of things we would have changed. For the deltas, we try to take a productive approach by stating what we would have changed and how.  It is critical to ensure an open and honest environment for this exercise. Stress the importance of discussing the job not the person who completed the job in the deltas.

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