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The Secret Circle, A Team Building Activity

This team building exercise is focused on expression and reflection.  Seat your team in a circle; everyone should be facing outward.  There should be one facilitator who asks the questions in a series of rounds, who can also be a participant.

Depending on the size of your group, select a number of people that will enter the circle for each round. Everyone sitting should have their eyes closed for as long as they are seated; each chosen participant enters the middle of the circle. Questions, like the ones listed below, are asked and each person in the circle must go around touching the shoulder of as many team members they associate the questions with.


After the detox, we thrive! 15 Ways to Improve Your Networking Skills

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of our 7-week business detox (#businessdetox).  By now you are filled with a wealth of knowledge regarding how to make your business more efficient!  Like a regular detox, this is something you may need to revisit every now and then. In fact, we suggest you refresh your business body with a business detox every year!

Last week we discussed the 3 Cs → Communication, Clients, and Customer Service.  The last two Cs segue into this week’s article.  Networking! Networking for a business is like drinking water for the body.  Water helps keep us alive much like networking helps keep businesses… well, in business!

Bonus Tip:  Learn how to shake hands!


Are You Practicing the 3 Cs?

Our focus during the first five weeks of our 7-week business detox (#businessdetox) campaign (Week 1 - Win Back Your Workspace with 6 Easy Tips, Week 2 – What's Your Business' VMVGI?, Week 3 - Finding Your Business' Function, Week 4 - 3 Tips to Enhance the Experience of Attaining Goals and Week 5 - Listen to Each Team Member, One-on-One)  has been internal.  It's Week 6 and we now expand our scope externally to include clients because they are just as much a part of how healthy your business is as its internal functions.

Communication is typically the first step that gets stumbled upon when something goes wrong.  In retrospect, it is usually evident that there was either some sort of miscommunication, or rather… no communication.  Strengthening the communication within your company is one of the best ways to avoid foul-ups.  This extends to your clients as well; good communication with clientele is essential for customer satisfaction = good customer service!

These three C’s intertwine infinitely during any given workday; we’re going to teach you THE WAYS to improve your communication skills and boost your customer service!


Listen to Each Team Member, One-on-One

Hello Business Detoxers! During week 4 of #businessdetox, we discussed the 3 Tips to Enhance the Experience of Attaining Goals. During week 5 of #businessdetox, our focus is on the “muscles” of a business.  In order for muscles to work properly, we have to train and strengthen them, as well as make sure we are not stressing them with too much weight… The same goes for our employees.

In our #BusinessDetox analogy, we see our employees as our muscles.  Employees add value to our businesses if we invest the time to train and grow them. Employees give back to the business after they are motivated to achieve great heights. Motivating employees goes beyond offering monetary bonuses. MONEY IS NOT THE ONLY MOTIVATOR! Employees are highly motivated when they are EMPOWERED.


3 Tips to Enhance the Experience of Attaining Goals

We are halfway through our business detox (#businessdetox)! In order to fully reap the benefits of a healthy (business) lifestyle, it is important to "exercise."  Since we discussed goals and working towards perfecting productive paths to achieve our goals over the past three weeks (Week 1 - Win Back Your Workspace with 6 Easy Tips, Week 2 – What's Your Business' VMVGI? and Week 3 - Finding Your Business' Function) this week we will discuss tips that need to be implemented throughout the process of attaining your company's goals.  Celebrating is like exercise for your detox because it supplements the work you're doing in order to enhance the results of your detox.


Finding Your Business' Function

It's week three of our #businessdetox and we will be detoxing the "intestines" of a business!  Meaning: we will be looking at ways to improve efficiency.  The assessment of efficiency is a very difficult task since efficiency is not something tangible and cannot easily be measured or definitely reached... there's always room for improvement.  However, I am about to introduce a simple method that can be used time and time again when trying to understand and improve your business' efficiency.  But first, here are a couple easy tips to kickstart the detox of your “intestines.”


What's Your Business' VMVGI?

Last week I introduced our #BusinessDetox campaign and the first topic we discussed was cleaning and organizing your workspace, which we compared to detoxing the body as a whole. As we move into week two of #BusinessDetox, we will be discussing detoxing the brain of the business VMVGI, which stands for:  Values, Mission, Vision, Goals and Inspiration.

These five are the considered the brain of the business because they provide direction for the business.


It's Time for a #BusinessDetox!

Our Business Is To Drive Your Business To The Next Level.

Our goal for this seven week campaign is not only to help our existing clients and social media followers, but also to converse with you. We want to start a conversation, learn more about what you do and why you do it! This campaign's main focus is to engage our audience and instigate productive discussions regarding resolutions to common small business issues. You will be enticed by our creative solutions; these simple steps have worked for US and we want to share these secrets with YOU.  We are proud that we have been able to grow our small business over the years and grateful to have served over 150 clients including two from the federal government and one from a state government. Since it's our business to help you grow your business, we are launching this #BusinessDetox campaign in hopes that these methods will help you just as much as they've helped us!


Win Back Your Workspace with 6 Easy Tips

6 Easy Tips On How To Keep Your Office Clean

Throughout the course of our #BusinessDetox campaign we will discuss goal setting, team building, finding inspiration/inspiring your team, communication, efficiency, networking, and much more. The first step of our #BusinessDetox begins with the "body" of your business...the physical location where everything takes place = your office.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo da Vinci

The space in which one conducts business, the office, can be seen as the body of the business; it houses all the important work that takes place. It is critical to keep the body/office clean. 


Impact of Small Businesses on U.S. Economy

As President Obama highlighted in his State of the Union speech on January 28, 2014, entrepreneurs and small businesses are responsible for creating the most new jobs in America. In the process of running small businesses, entrepreneurs often forget the importance of what they do on a grand scale. Small businesses not only provide people with jobs and wages, to support their families, but also provide opportunities to develop the nation and its people.

Many small business owners are so focused on ensuring the success of their business they forget they are achieving something greater, besides making money they are impacting lives every day.  Small businesses make small, yet noticeable, changes that develop communities and improve the well being of society as a whole. They are the reason why America is a strong, if not the strongest, competitor in the global economy!

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