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Are You Practicing the 3 Cs?

Our focus during the first five weeks of our 7-week business detox (#businessdetox) campaign (Week 1 - Win Back Your Workspace with 6 Easy Tips, Week 2 – What's Your Business' VMVGI?, Week 3 - Finding Your Business' Function, Week 4 - 3 Tips to Enhance the Experience of Attaining Goals and Week 5 - Listen to Each Team Member, One-on-One)  has been internal.  It's Week 6 and we now expand our scope externally to include clients because they are just as much a part of how healthy your business is as its internal functions.

Communication is typically the first step that gets stumbled upon when something goes wrong.  In retrospect, it is usually evident that there was either some sort of miscommunication, or rather… no communication.  Strengthening the communication within your company is one of the best ways to avoid foul-ups.  This extends to your clients as well; good communication with clientele is essential for customer satisfaction = good customer service!

These three C’s intertwine infinitely during any given workday; we’re going to teach you THE WAYS to improve your communication skills and boost your customer service!

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